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Approach document and methodology of Fourth ARC

Timely revision of existing governance mechanisms and system is a necessity. Government policies had helped in establishing much acclaimed Kerala Model of development. Now it is time to update the governing mechanism once more to reflect the times and expectations of the people.


The ARC attempts to find answer to the questions such as, what is the expectation of citizens from government system, where does government stand in terms of service delivery to citizens. The commission will explore solutions to mend the gaps between the above two and deliver good governance to people. Commission aims to give special emphasis on people’s right to information, intervention in SC&ST issues, Social entrepreneurship, land use, scientific land/water usage, human resources development and employment generation.

Approach is to bring positive changes in:-

Citizen First Services

Environment and Sustainable Development

Reaching the unreached

Planning and Finance

Result oriented & Effective Governance

Infrastructure – Optimum usage and conservation

Towards more accountable bureaucracy

The commission will also look into anti-corruption mechanisms, Investigation mechanisms, accessible judicial mechanisms, vigilance system, vigilance commission, lokayukta, law and order, internal vigilance system, administrative vigilance system, finance auditing section, chief technical examiner system, performance audit system, ombudsman etc. to strengthen democracy.


The commission is planning to learn about reforms in consultation with experts in government such as secretaries, department heads, planning board and at times even constituting special panel of experts for studies in specific areas. Special committees in departments and institutions to communicate and assess necessity of reforms and give suggestions to ARC will be set up. Help from institutions such as Institute of Management (IMG), Centre for Management Development (CMD), Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation (GIFT), Centre for Development Studies (CDS), University departments and also other institutes inside and outside the states like IIMs, agencies, consultants etc will be taken by ARC. Commission aims to find best practices and models all round the world and get first hand information about them. Commission website will also act as a communication channel to gather information and suggestion from public. Political parties, service organizations, trade unions, NGOs and other stake holder will be consulted in the process.