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Terms of Reference

  1. To review the structure and functioning of the administrative machinery of the State and suggest measures for improving its responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness as is required in a welfare State.
  2. To revisit and redefine the roles of departments and important agencies in Government.
  3. To suggest measures for co-ordinated and joined-up functioning of Government departments and agencies to enhance positive outcomes.
  4. To suggest measures to eliminate delays, corruption, favouritism and nepotism and to make administration result oriented.
  5. To suggest steps for enhancing delegation of powers to increase efficiency and citizen satisfaction.
  6. To suggest modern management methods and Information Technology system and tools, which can be adapted in Government.
  7. To review the policies relating to recruitment, placement and promotion and suggest measures for improvement of the performance of civil servants.
  8. To suggest methods for democratization of different organs of Government at various levels and increase participation of the people in governance.
  9. To assess the delivery of key public services and suggest measures for increasing their efficiency.
  10. To suggest measures to make Government more open and accountable.
  11. To suggest measures to refine/operationalize Gender Budgeting, Child Budgeting.
  12. To recommend modern fiscal planning tools like output and outcome based budgeting.
  13. To assess the capacity building system in Government and suggest measures to make it more effective.
  14. To make any other recommendation arising from the above matters or incidental to them or considered necessary or appropriate by the Commission.